Writing an Architecture Dissertation: 10 Tips to Consider

As you prepare to compose your dissertation on architecture, you will want to make sure that you have a plan. Use our ten tips to consider as you write the most important paper in your academic career.

  1. Pick the right faculty advisor-you want to pick an advisor who you like, respect, and know you can work with in a positive manner. This person needs to know your intended area of subject study and agree with the plan of implementation.
  2. Select the perfect topic-pick the topic that is a perfect fit for you and what interests you in your field. Some suggestions might be-
    • The styles, developments, and consequential evolutions of a particular time such as Renaissance, Gothic, or Victorian structures, styles, and buildings
    • The masters and their madness
    • Governmental buildings and design
    • Iconic skyscrapers
    • Sporting venues
    • Climate and architecture
    • Public housing and its evolution
  3. Plan the year in advance- take a large wall or desk calendar and plan the year in advance. Yes, there will be changes, but you need to look ahead. Start at the end date and work backwards. You need to always build in cushions of extra time.
  4. Interview early- get your interviews completed early and make sure you have extras. It is better to have extras ready at hand than to stop and interview in the middle of your writing.
  5. Take care of yourself-if you get sick for any extended time, the whole schedule will be impacted. Take care of yourself as you work on this process. You need to eat properly and exercise often. If you get stuck, put down the pen and go for a quick power walk. Take care of yourself.
  6. Hire a professional-hire a professional when or if you get overwhelmed at any point of the process.
  7. Don’t be afraid to make adjustments-there will be things that do not work. Do not be afraid to make corrections or changes in direction.
  8. Meet often with your advisor-meet often with your advisor. He or she will play a large role in your success. Try not to skip appointments ever.
  9. Finalize-finalize the process by filling out the proper school paperwork. Your advisor will give you the list and the dates that the papers are due.
  10. Prepare for the argument defending your argument is important. You can go see other students defend their papers in order to help you get properly prepared.

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