How To Write A Dissertation: Basic Tips For Dummies

Every single student is scared of the moment when he will have to submit his dissertation. This is one of the most important projects of his life, therefore it needs special attention. For the ones who are not talented in literature and did not write too many essays, it can be a real problem to create something acceptable. Since you probably want to create something truly excellent, not regular, you have to put all your power into study. There are some basic tips that could help you with your assignment, as long as you are ready to work:

  • Choose an extraordinary topic. Since this project is so important, you can not go for a subject that is appropriate for a normal essay. You need something challenging, that will make your professors and classmates interested in what you wrote. Depending on your courses, you can choose anything from genetic clones, to the latest discoveries in technology. Only be sure that you are personally interested in the subject, so you will enjoy the process.
  • Make research. Once you know what your topic is, you must find out everything there is about it. For this, you have to read everything you find: books, papers, essays, magazines, articles and so on. There is a lot of important information that needs to be integrated in your project. After you think you finished research, you can decide what ideas should be integrated and what is not relevant.
  • Create an outline. This will serve you as structure and help. You have to build chapters, mention the ideas that you will explore in each one of them and find appropriate names. Do not forget that the names of the chapters need be very explicit and to be connected with the ideas that you exposed in it.
  • Write the first draft. At this point, you don’t have to think about grammar mistakes or punctuation errors. The most important thing is to write the general ideas of your work, and to arrange them following the outline. Once you have nothing else to write, you can start to edit your work.
  • Proofread and correct. This is the most important step of this entire process. There are many mistakes you’ve missed while you were writing the draft, and you have to find them all. The final piece that you will submit needs to be completely error-free.

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