Consulting With Your Professors As To Dissertation Proposal Format

who are working on their dissertations rarely have sample papers they can use or friends who have completed the project themselves. This means that the professors are the best sources of live help when it comes to writing a dissertation proposal. What students might not realize is that there are other sources of help for dissertation proposals.

  • Use a Sample to Help with Formatting
  • Once your instructor gives you the information about the dissertation proposal format, you can go to whatever source you need to help you craft the proposal. There are many sample proposals available online to use as samples. Since most students perform better on complex assignments when they have a sample to use, a dissertation proposal sample can make the process of writing it much less stressful.

  • Never Avoid Copying
  • Whether you get a sample proposal from a professor or from an online source, you should be sure you do not copy anything word for word from the sample. If you can find it, so can your professors and you do not want to be accused of plagiarism at any step of your educational journey. You can use the sample as a template, so you know what to include the sentences. There is nothing wrong with using the shape of the sentence, but fill in your own thoughts and ideas. When your professor lets you use a sample, this is how she wants you to use the sample.

  • Meet With Your Professor to Get Questions Answered
  • If at any point, you become overwhelmed with the process or you need some clarification about the formatting, then it is in your best interest to meet immediately with your professor. They have office hours for a reason and they expect to see students show up to ask questions. When you are working on a challenging paper like a dissertation, your instructor expects to see you and help you with your questions, so do not be afraid to seek the answers you need. Since professors have limited hours and they often need to see several students, you should have specific questions to ask when you make your appointment. When you prepare for the appointment, you will get more done and leave feeling like your time was spent well.

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